Jet ski, boat rentals and dolphin tours in Fort Myers and Bonita Springs

Renting a jetski is a great way to spend a day in Southwest Florida. You can spend a half day on the water for only $300, and give yourself the freedom to explore Florida's beautiful waterways seeing dolphins, manatees and all types of various birds.

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2 hour rental - $150

4 hour rental - $300

6 hour rental - $450

8 hour rental - $600

Try our private island hopper cruise. Better than a boat rental our cruise comes with your very own local guide who will help you navigate the waterways in our super comfy Bayliner. Personalize you tour by choosing from various destinations and activities to visit and see. Whether you would like to be dropped off for lunch at one of our many restaurants and beach bars, or cruise the back bays and sandbars sightseeing and dolphin watching we've got you covered. Limited time introductory pricing of $200 for 2 hours, for up to 6 people!

Want to add a side of flyboarding, fishing or interested in a sunset cruise? Just ask. Flyboarding is $89 per person for a half hour or $140 for the entire hour. We offer a unique more personal experience than you will find on a large dinner cruise filled with hundreds of passengers. Book through SkyHigh and start making some memories today!



Cruising Estero bay on a Jet Ski is pure bliss!

Cruising Estero bay on a Jet Ski is pure bliss!

Christmas Gift Ideas - The Perfect Holiday Present


Flyboarding and Water Jetpack rides come with full instruction from certified professionals, so anybody can fly their first time. Safe, fun and unforgettable they make for an amazing gift and memorable experience you will talk about for years to come starting at just $45 dollars.

There's nothing like the feeling of finding that perfect Christmas gift to give. I've often heard money is better spent on vacations and traveling because memories can last a lifetime, even when some of our favorite items may need replacing. How better to create a lifelong memory that to strap on some jet boots or a jet pack and soar through the skies of sunny Florida like a superhero, all with the safety net of the water below?

Whether you live locally or you are traveling to Sarasota, Siesta Key, Fort Myers Beach, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Naples or anywhere in between we've got a Flyboard and Jetpack near you, and locations throughout Southwest Florida to accommodate you.

From wakeboarding to water hoverboards there's plenty of activities waiting, and if you're shopping for family and friends this holiday, gift cards are now available. If you're looking for that perfect Christmas present or Chanukah gift for the one who has it all, or maybe that friend or loved one that we all have that is so tough to shop for, give them a unique experience like no other. The gift of flight!

Check out this short video of advanced flight below, visit our home page here at and go to the shopping tab to purchase.

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Real Hoverboard - Flyboard Air - Franky Zapata and Breitling

Having a real hoverboard has been a dream of many for decades, if not much longer. Following the 2016 World Flyboard, my mind was blown as I had just witnessed a dream come true. Franky Zapata soared the skies above my birthplace of Naples, Florida in a display you truly must witness with your own eyes. 

When I finally uploaded my cell phone footage to our YouTube channel, ready to share with the world I quickly realized the cloud of doubt surrounding many of the people who had not had the pleasure of seeing the spectacle first hand. 

With all the questions in the comment section of the video and comments from people insisting it was fake, followed by a Breitling commercial featuring what I consider the coolest piece of aviation technology on the market today, the Flyboard Air, I was motivated to upload the video to our blog for all of our students and customers to see, so they can judge for themselves. Feel free to comment, and enjoy!

Flyboard Competition, Naples Fl. - Flyboard Air and Hoverboard Demo

Today will be the Flyboard World Cup Championships final round, and your last opportunity to see the all new Flyboard Air in Naples, Florida this weekend. The event has gained exposure through local media coverage and social media and will be covered today by CBS Sports Network. Vendors are on site selling sunglasses, food, drinks and plenty of Flyboard and Zapata Racing gear. Be sure to dress and pack for the sun because it has been shining bright and hot.

Here is the  lineup for the final round of competition, as we know it to be:

Final 16

Rippy vs Bragg
Soldato vs Riggs
Nickell vs Palma
Bean vs  Ibrahim
Skar vs Hulet
Wells vs Beukers
Gazzola vs Andrews
Gavic.J vs Tongthai

Smoyer vs Weston

Samuels vs Sawisch

This event will end with an amazing demo of an actual hoverboard created by Zapata Industries, which uses jet turbines and its propulsion and kerosene as its fuel and flies at speeds well over 100mph. Recent world records have been captured by Franky Zapata while flying this device and today he will soar above the waters of Lake Avalon at Sugden Park for all of our eyes to see. Needless to say if you're looking for excitement in Naples, Florida - there really is no better place to be. 

For additional information on this event or to learn to fly, please call 239-699-2487 or email


Destin Fly In - Jetpacks, Flyboards, Jet Boards, Hoverboards and Jet Bikes

If you are looking for variety, excitement and spectacular sights, you need to know about the Destin Fly-In. This weekend starting Friday the 16th of September all the way through Sunday, the 18th competitors of every platform and brand will be in Destin, Florida to come together in the name of "open-flight" where all brands and all riders will be welcomed. 

Whether you fly a Jetpack, a Flyboard, a JetBlade, Jetovator, Hoverboard... pretty much anything that achieves flight by water jet, you can come out and join the show. The event mirrors the "Flyboard only" competition held in Naples, Florida on the exact same days. With the battle going on in the industry today, and the fight for open competition, the Destin Fly-In will offer its' own unique features, such as some of the top riders in the WORLD performing triple backflips (maybe even a quad?) as some have opted out of the previous years competition in support of the "open flight" movement, as well as their sponsors and manufacturers who they represent proudly.

There will be amazing brand new, never before seen light shows with led suits and custom jetpacks and jetboards, lighting up the sky and water, and laser lights projected into the jet streams below. Quite an amazing thing to behold. As the sport grows and great minds work in harmony, innovation is on the rise and the evolution of the sport seems never ending.

The Jetpack Invasion as it's called features lighting techniques and technology that is constantly improving under the mad scientist-like creations that just keep rolling out from these talented hydro-flight professors. No longer is it just a sport, or just a competition, it is truly entertainment taken to a new level. If you haven't seen a hydrosports competition or light show, the Destin Fly In will be your ticket to a new world. 

Please call 239-699-2487 for information on shows, events or to book your first flight today!

A photo from the first "open" competition featuring all boards and jetpacks, in Pompano Beach, Florida

A photo from the first "open" competition featuring all boards and jetpacks, in Pompano Beach, Florida

Flyboard Air Demo in Naples, Florida at Sugden Park on Lake Avalon

A REAL hoverboard? You have to see it to believe it. This weekend in Naples Florida, witness something you have never seen. Like something out of a movie, reminiscent of the Green Goblin's glider from the Spiderman movie, the Flyboard Air by Zapata Industries will fly untethered, using jet-turbine propulsion high above Lake Avalon. The display will highlight an already action-packed, awe-inspiring event complete with high-flying hydro-flight acrobatics as talented athletes compete in the 2016 Flyboard World Championship previously held in Dubai. 

Aside from the hydro-flight action, there will be plenty more competition to see as Pro Watercross PWC Athletes take to the water on Kawasaki Jetskis, Yamahas and Seadoos and fight it out for their spot on the podium.

The event will be held Friday, September 16th starting at 10am and ending at 6pm, and continues through Sunday, September 18th (same hours). This will be a fantastic spectacle right here in our home town, I encourage anyone local or vacationing to clear a space on their calendar and see this first hand. Many people are looking for something exciting and new, and here it is! I know where I'll be this weekend. I Hope to see you there!

For information on the upcoming event please email or call 239-699-2487.

Stay tuned for more content and info including pictures, video and updates from the event!



Jet Ski / PWC competition today at the rental center!

Water Sports

Jet ski rentals are fun for everyone, but in Fort Myers TODAY you can see these guys have some fun on their stand-up Kawasaki, Seadoo or Yamaha. Witness experienced riders on powerful modified PWCs as they attempt to backflip and barrel roll their way into winners circle. SkyHigh JetPacks and Flyboards will be on site for the day and our friends at Revolution Cable park will be open for wakeboarding from 12-close!

Please follow us on facebook and like our page for more upcoming events @

Call 239-699-2487 for directions to our lake at 17590 east st, North Fort Myers, FL 33917



2016 Flyboard World Championship Competition - Naples, Florida

Naples, Florida will host the 2016 Flyboard World Championship, a flyboarding event previously hosted in Dubai, and will feature the all new Zapata Flyboard Air. Flyboard Air has no hose attached and is powered and stabilized by jet turbines instead of water jets. It is mentioned by the creator Franky Zapata that you must spend countless hours on a water jet board mastering every movement before even considering a flight on the Flyboard Air, which is essentially a step beyond the hoverboard we've all been waiting for.

Also referred to as hydro boots or jetboards, the Flyboard is one of many hydro-flight devices in an industry that has been rapidly growing in popularity and offers an exciting new form of water sport. The sport boasts many different styles of equipment to fly, such as the water jet pack, hoverboard and even a water propelled flying chair and a jet bike to name a few.

This year's hydro-flight event will be sponsored by Flyboard and be closed to any other brands or styles of device other than the Zapata Racing Flyboard Series. This will leave some of last years top competitors sidelined for this year and years to come as the industry grows and the biggest event allows for no competition from athletes who may now be sponsored by a different brand of equipment, and wish to fly that brand in the competition.

The event will be held at Sugden Park, on Lake Avalon in Naples, Florida and amidst all the competition and the fight for an open competition a second event has spawned in Destin, Florida open to all devices including jet bikes, jetpacks, jet boards and other devices, and will allow any brand to compete in the event. I encourage you to treat yourself to a day at one or both of these events, and consider attending a hydro-flight competition in the future, it is quite a spectacular experience.

If you would like more information on the events or would like to fly a water jetpack or jet board please call SkyHigh JetPacks at 239-699-2487 or email

flyboard air coming to fort myers

What's easier, the Jetpack or the Flyboard.

   Jet board or  Water Jet Pack, which one is easier? That is a hard question to answer. They are simply different and present different challenges and some people like one better than the other. They are both awesome.

   Everybody flies at SkyHigh Jetpacks and Flyboards and everyone is successful so that is nothing to worry about., you will have a good time regardless That being said, I've listed a few things below in case your wondering how to choose between the jet pack and the flyboard, and to help you pick the adventure you think you'd enjoy most.

   The Jet Pack:

   The jetpack comes across a little easier because if you can relax and get comfortable, I can pop you up and have you flying in a matter of seconds. It is not a muscle based sport, and requires little to no strength to operate. It is about forward motion, being calm and relaxed with a gentle grip. A few of the trade offs are that the pack is a little more restricting, being that you are strapped into the pack and to your seat like a roller coaster ride. If you are claustrophobic or a little more nervous, it may be a little more intimidating, and your biggest challenge will be relaxing enough to listen and learn. Think of it more as controlling a machine that you are strapped into and moving forward at higher speeds, whereas the board feels more like surfing around freely but is a bit more tippy.

   It also takes a bit longer to learn the subtle controls of the jetpack, but once you advance you can achieve higher forward speeds (Instructors can fly up to 40 miles per hour) and you can also learn your own throttle and eventually land and take off from the dock. If you're dedicated to learning the check pack and put the time in, it really becomes natural. 

You can expect to achieve a good amount of lift, speed and directional control your first flight, and maybe even walk on water!

   The Jet Board (Also know as Flyboard or Water Boots)

   The board offers a bit more freedom of movement but the tradeoff is that you must use your feet to get your body into the proper position and achieve balance somewhat on your own. It uses a bit more muscle but is amazingly stable when you learn to control it, and the first challenge will be getting your body into correct position to lift yourself out of the water. This takes some time for some but once you get up your instructor will teach you to quiet your body and use your feet to balance with little effort. There is a bit more trial and error into getting up your first time and a few extra short falls into the safety of the water below, but once you get up you can really surf the sky, spin, walk on water and fly a little higher than the jetpack for your first time.

   They are similar but completely different. Both allow personal flight in a matter of minutes by controlling a high volume stream of water. Other than that each experience is unique. Forward motion versus vertical balance with more subtle horizontal movements

   As an experienced hydroflight pilot and instructor here is how I feel about each platform:

   I love the speed of control of flying the jetpack at an advanced level, landing and taking off as I please, doing hovers and spins.

   I also I love to strap into the board and dive in and out of the water, doing spins and side outs and board grabs. I love them both and if you can, spend a little on each, it;s really the best way to decide.

The choice is yours!

First time flyboarding, great vacation activity in Fort Myers, Florida.

First time flyboarding, great vacation activity in Fort Myers, Florida.

Water Jet Pack Flight in Naples, Florida.

Water Jet Pack Flight in Naples, Florida.

Is water jetpacking hard?


Many people ask, is a water jet pack hard to fly, or difficult to learn. The short answer is no. There are some challenges to overcome as a beginner, but that's part of what makes it fun! It is incredibly stable, once you learn to control the pack in the correct manner and our top of the line professional instructors are there to make sure that you are successful.

   Most of the challenges of flying the water jet pack come from being nervous from all the exhilaration, and from your natural habits that you've developed from walking on dry land your whole life, and never flying through the air like James Bond. It is a COMPLETELY unique experience like nothing you've ever done and it's all about subtle movements, developing new habits and motor skills and creating new muscle memory. The more you do it the better you are, and ANYBODY can do it!

  Below i've listed a couple of the tips and tricks on how to water jetpack, and how to make your flight a little more successful.

1. Relax.

   This may seem strange and is definitely easier said than done, especially with a water propelled jet pack strapped to your back, but this is the number one key to success. Everything floats, everything's safe- relax, it's just a jetpack. Relax your body, let your legs dangle, and trust your equipment and your instructor. You will be flying in no time.

2. DON'T hold on tight.

   Yes you read that correctly. A gentle grip is key to success during any water jetpack flight. Holding on tight presents a whole line of additional challenges, this is not a muscle sport. It's more like a video game. Imaging you are controlling a machine or flying robot, and you tell it what to do and it does it. That's what it's like. It has very sensitive movements, which is why we control your throttle to make your flight as smooth as possible. The awesome thing about flying a jet pack over the water is that if you mess up, we just lower you down and you float, and then you try again!

   3. Listen to your instructor.

   Your instructor is professionally trained and here at SkyHigh Jetpacks we are professionally trained to Certify OTHER instructors to teach customers. We know what we are doing. Many of the motions you will be learning will seem unnatural and may not make sense, but trying to figure this out on your own is super hard and takes a whole lot longer, likely multiple flights. If you listen to your instructor, and trust in them they will give you all the right moves and pretty soon it will become easy and you'll be soaring around with a huge smile on your face!

Follow these three tips and you'll have great success and an amazing experience you'll never forget. Check back later and scroll through our blog. We'll be posting some new tips and tricks and new article soon, and feel free to email with any questions about this article or anything else you may need an answer to.

Fly High!


Are water jet packs and flyboards safe?

Florida water sports are all over and a big concern and common question our new pilots have, especially the parents of younger pilots is understandably, "is it safe?".

The simple answer is yes. When you fly with a professionally regulated Certified Instructor you are in good hands. These certifications are legitimate, and even monitored by the Coast Guard in some instances.

Here at SkyHigh Jetpacks and Flyboards you fly with a Certified Master Instructor, who is actually qualified to certify additional instructors. Safety is our number one priority and we use only the best and most experienced pilots and instructors.

Once you go through a thorough pre-flight instruction on shore, you will be guided into the water with a life vest and helmet and an optional wetsuit. all the equipment floats, and all of our instructors are CPR and First Aid Certified former lifeguards.

Your throttle is regulated at all times ensuring that you stay afloat and never go higher than you want or fly unsafely beyond your skill level. You will learn to control your height, speed and direction relative to the amount of power you have, which is monitored and controlled by your instructor and "throttleman".

Our number one focus is keeping you in the "safe zone" far away from the jetski, and teaching you to fall softly as opposed to toppling over into belly flops or back flops that can tire you out more quickly. After that it's all about fun and teaching you to advance, get better and really enjoy yourself!

water jet pack florida naples flyboard fort myers hover boots