Is water jetpacking hard?


Many people ask, is a water jet pack hard to fly, or difficult to learn. The short answer is no. There are some challenges to overcome as a beginner, but that's part of what makes it fun! It is incredibly stable, once you learn to control the pack in the correct manner and our top of the line professional instructors are there to make sure that you are successful.

   Most of the challenges of flying the water jet pack come from being nervous from all the exhilaration, and from your natural habits that you've developed from walking on dry land your whole life, and never flying through the air like James Bond. It is a COMPLETELY unique experience like nothing you've ever done and it's all about subtle movements, developing new habits and motor skills and creating new muscle memory. The more you do it the better you are, and ANYBODY can do it!

  Below i've listed a couple of the tips and tricks on how to water jetpack, and how to make your flight a little more successful.

1. Relax.

   This may seem strange and is definitely easier said than done, especially with a water propelled jet pack strapped to your back, but this is the number one key to success. Everything floats, everything's safe- relax, it's just a jetpack. Relax your body, let your legs dangle, and trust your equipment and your instructor. You will be flying in no time.

2. DON'T hold on tight.

   Yes you read that correctly. A gentle grip is key to success during any water jetpack flight. Holding on tight presents a whole line of additional challenges, this is not a muscle sport. It's more like a video game. Imaging you are controlling a machine or flying robot, and you tell it what to do and it does it. That's what it's like. It has very sensitive movements, which is why we control your throttle to make your flight as smooth as possible. The awesome thing about flying a jet pack over the water is that if you mess up, we just lower you down and you float, and then you try again!

   3. Listen to your instructor.

   Your instructor is professionally trained and here at SkyHigh Jetpacks we are professionally trained to Certify OTHER instructors to teach customers. We know what we are doing. Many of the motions you will be learning will seem unnatural and may not make sense, but trying to figure this out on your own is super hard and takes a whole lot longer, likely multiple flights. If you listen to your instructor, and trust in them they will give you all the right moves and pretty soon it will become easy and you'll be soaring around with a huge smile on your face!

Follow these three tips and you'll have great success and an amazing experience you'll never forget. Check back later and scroll through our blog. We'll be posting some new tips and tricks and new article soon, and feel free to email with any questions about this article or anything else you may need an answer to.

Fly High!