Flyboard Competition, Naples Fl. - Flyboard Air and Hoverboard Demo

Today will be the Flyboard World Cup Championships final round, and your last opportunity to see the all new Flyboard Air in Naples, Florida this weekend. The event has gained exposure through local media coverage and social media and will be covered today by CBS Sports Network. Vendors are on site selling sunglasses, food, drinks and plenty of Flyboard and Zapata Racing gear. Be sure to dress and pack for the sun because it has been shining bright and hot.

Here is the  lineup for the final round of competition, as we know it to be:

Final 16

Rippy vs Bragg
Soldato vs Riggs
Nickell vs Palma
Bean vs  Ibrahim
Skar vs Hulet
Wells vs Beukers
Gazzola vs Andrews
Gavic.J vs Tongthai

Smoyer vs Weston

Samuels vs Sawisch

This event will end with an amazing demo of an actual hoverboard created by Zapata Industries, which uses jet turbines and its propulsion and kerosene as its fuel and flies at speeds well over 100mph. Recent world records have been captured by Franky Zapata while flying this device and today he will soar above the waters of Lake Avalon at Sugden Park for all of our eyes to see. Needless to say if you're looking for excitement in Naples, Florida - there really is no better place to be. 

For additional information on this event or to learn to fly, please call 239-699-2487 or email