Are water jet packs and flyboards safe?

Florida water sports are all over and a big concern and common question our new pilots have, especially the parents of younger pilots is understandably, "is it safe?".

The simple answer is yes. When you fly with a professionally regulated Certified Instructor you are in good hands. These certifications are legitimate, and even monitored by the Coast Guard in some instances.

Here at SkyHigh Jetpacks and Flyboards you fly with a Certified Master Instructor, who is actually qualified to certify additional instructors. Safety is our number one priority and we use only the best and most experienced pilots and instructors.

Once you go through a thorough pre-flight instruction on shore, you will be guided into the water with a life vest and helmet and an optional wetsuit. all the equipment floats, and all of our instructors are CPR and First Aid Certified former lifeguards.

Your throttle is regulated at all times ensuring that you stay afloat and never go higher than you want or fly unsafely beyond your skill level. You will learn to control your height, speed and direction relative to the amount of power you have, which is monitored and controlled by your instructor and "throttleman".

Our number one focus is keeping you in the "safe zone" far away from the jetski, and teaching you to fall softly as opposed to toppling over into belly flops or back flops that can tire you out more quickly. After that it's all about fun and teaching you to advance, get better and really enjoy yourself!

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