Real Hoverboard - Flyboard Air - Franky Zapata and Breitling

Having a real hoverboard has been a dream of many for decades, if not much longer. Following the 2016 World Flyboard, my mind was blown as I had just witnessed a dream come true. Franky Zapata soared the skies above my birthplace of Naples, Florida in a display you truly must witness with your own eyes. 

When I finally uploaded my cell phone footage to our YouTube channel, ready to share with the world I quickly realized the cloud of doubt surrounding many of the people who had not had the pleasure of seeing the spectacle first hand. 

With all the questions in the comment section of the video and comments from people insisting it was fake, followed by a Breitling commercial featuring what I consider the coolest piece of aviation technology on the market today, the Flyboard Air, I was motivated to upload the video to our blog for all of our students and customers to see, so they can judge for themselves. Feel free to comment, and enjoy!