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What's easier, the Jetpack or the Flyboard.

   Jet board or  Water Jet Pack, which one is easier? That is a hard question to answer. They are simply different and present different challenges and some people like one better than the other. They are both awesome.

   Everybody flies at SkyHigh Jetpacks and Flyboards and everyone is successful so that is nothing to worry about., you will have a good time regardless That being said, I've listed a few things below in case your wondering how to choose between the jet pack and the flyboard, and to help you pick the adventure you think you'd enjoy most.

   The Jet Pack:

   The jetpack comes across a little easier because if you can relax and get comfortable, I can pop you up and have you flying in a matter of seconds. It is not a muscle based sport, and requires little to no strength to operate. It is about forward motion, being calm and relaxed with a gentle grip. A few of the trade offs are that the pack is a little more restricting, being that you are strapped into the pack and to your seat like a roller coaster ride. If you are claustrophobic or a little more nervous, it may be a little more intimidating, and your biggest challenge will be relaxing enough to listen and learn. Think of it more as controlling a machine that you are strapped into and moving forward at higher speeds, whereas the board feels more like surfing around freely but is a bit more tippy.

   It also takes a bit longer to learn the subtle controls of the jetpack, but once you advance you can achieve higher forward speeds (Instructors can fly up to 40 miles per hour) and you can also learn your own throttle and eventually land and take off from the dock. If you're dedicated to learning the check pack and put the time in, it really becomes natural. 

You can expect to achieve a good amount of lift, speed and directional control your first flight, and maybe even walk on water!

   The Jet Board (Also know as Flyboard or Water Boots)

   The board offers a bit more freedom of movement but the tradeoff is that you must use your feet to get your body into the proper position and achieve balance somewhat on your own. It uses a bit more muscle but is amazingly stable when you learn to control it, and the first challenge will be getting your body into correct position to lift yourself out of the water. This takes some time for some but once you get up your instructor will teach you to quiet your body and use your feet to balance with little effort. There is a bit more trial and error into getting up your first time and a few extra short falls into the safety of the water below, but once you get up you can really surf the sky, spin, walk on water and fly a little higher than the jetpack for your first time.

   They are similar but completely different. Both allow personal flight in a matter of minutes by controlling a high volume stream of water. Other than that each experience is unique. Forward motion versus vertical balance with more subtle horizontal movements

   As an experienced hydroflight pilot and instructor here is how I feel about each platform:

   I love the speed of control of flying the jetpack at an advanced level, landing and taking off as I please, doing hovers and spins.

   I also I love to strap into the board and dive in and out of the water, doing spins and side outs and board grabs. I love them both and if you can, spend a little on each, it;s really the best way to decide.

The choice is yours!

First time flyboarding, great vacation activity in Fort Myers, Florida.

First time flyboarding, great vacation activity in Fort Myers, Florida.

Water Jet Pack Flight in Naples, Florida.

Water Jet Pack Flight in Naples, Florida.