Destin Fly In - Jetpacks, Flyboards, Jet Boards, Hoverboards and Jet Bikes

If you are looking for variety, excitement and spectacular sights, you need to know about the Destin Fly-In. This weekend starting Friday the 16th of September all the way through Sunday, the 18th competitors of every platform and brand will be in Destin, Florida to come together in the name of "open-flight" where all brands and all riders will be welcomed. 

Whether you fly a Jetpack, a Flyboard, a JetBlade, Jetovator, Hoverboard... pretty much anything that achieves flight by water jet, you can come out and join the show. The event mirrors the "Flyboard only" competition held in Naples, Florida on the exact same days. With the battle going on in the industry today, and the fight for open competition, the Destin Fly-In will offer its' own unique features, such as some of the top riders in the WORLD performing triple backflips (maybe even a quad?) as some have opted out of the previous years competition in support of the "open flight" movement, as well as their sponsors and manufacturers who they represent proudly.

There will be amazing brand new, never before seen light shows with led suits and custom jetpacks and jetboards, lighting up the sky and water, and laser lights projected into the jet streams below. Quite an amazing thing to behold. As the sport grows and great minds work in harmony, innovation is on the rise and the evolution of the sport seems never ending.

The Jetpack Invasion as it's called features lighting techniques and technology that is constantly improving under the mad scientist-like creations that just keep rolling out from these talented hydro-flight professors. No longer is it just a sport, or just a competition, it is truly entertainment taken to a new level. If you haven't seen a hydrosports competition or light show, the Destin Fly In will be your ticket to a new world. 

Please call 239-699-2487 for information on shows, events or to book your first flight today!

A photo from the first "open" competition featuring all boards and jetpacks, in Pompano Beach, Florida

A photo from the first "open" competition featuring all boards and jetpacks, in Pompano Beach, Florida