2016 Flyboard World Championship Competition - Naples, Florida

Naples, Florida will host the 2016 Flyboard World Championship, a flyboarding event previously hosted in Dubai, and will feature the all new Zapata Flyboard Air. Flyboard Air has no hose attached and is powered and stabilized by jet turbines instead of water jets. It is mentioned by the creator Franky Zapata that you must spend countless hours on a water jet board mastering every movement before even considering a flight on the Flyboard Air, which is essentially a step beyond the hoverboard we've all been waiting for.

Also referred to as hydro boots or jetboards, the Flyboard is one of many hydro-flight devices in an industry that has been rapidly growing in popularity and offers an exciting new form of water sport. The sport boasts many different styles of equipment to fly, such as the water jet pack, hoverboard and even a water propelled flying chair and a jet bike to name a few.

This year's hydro-flight event will be sponsored by Flyboard and be closed to any other brands or styles of device other than the Zapata Racing Flyboard Series. This will leave some of last years top competitors sidelined for this year and years to come as the industry grows and the biggest event allows for no competition from athletes who may now be sponsored by a different brand of equipment, and wish to fly that brand in the competition.

The event will be held at Sugden Park, on Lake Avalon in Naples, Florida and amidst all the competition and the fight for an open competition a second event has spawned in Destin, Florida open to all devices including jet bikes, jetpacks, jet boards and other devices, and will allow any brand to compete in the event. I encourage you to treat yourself to a day at one or both of these events, and consider attending a hydro-flight competition in the future, it is quite a spectacular experience.

If you would like more information on the events or would like to fly a water jetpack or jet board please call SkyHigh JetPacks at 239-699-2487 or email skyhighjetpack@gmail.com.

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