Cancellation Policy:

Please Note,

No-shows and cancellations within 48 hours of booking will be charged full price and refunds will not be provided. (you may reschedule at discretion of SkyHigh JetPacks and Flyboards as the schedule permits) Cancellations and refunds within this time frame will only be issued by SkyHigh JetPacks and Flyboards and it's operators at their discretion in the case of lightning delays or other issues that delay flights more than one hour  (per 30 minute flight), and this time window is subject to change during busy season, please refer to this website for cancellation policy. Please leave yourself a window of at least one additional hour for your booking, and an additional total of 1 hour and 30 minutes if you are booking for more than an hour. These policies are in place due to high booking volume and to protect SkyHigh JetPacks and Flyboards from loss of bookings and revenue due to cancellations and no shows and to inform our customers that bookings may run behind due to late arrival of previous customers (up to 15 minutes) for weather issues (lighting only) or other issues. Customers arriving later than 15 minutes after their booking may forfeit said booking with no refund, but may reschedule at discretion of SkyHigh JetPacks and Flyboards as the schedule permits.

Additional Info:

Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out your waivers, and be aware that restrooms at our North Fort Myers Locations are only available 1pm until dark Wednesday-Sunday, but off-site facilities are close by!

All 30 minute sessions are a total of 30 minutes, 5 to 10 minutes of preflight instruction and preparation on shore and 20-25 minutes on the water.  

We appreciate all of our customers and it is our mission to be on time and to provide everyone with a safe, fun and successful flight!